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Your First Visit


Before your first visit, we ask that you complete our comprehensive intake and systems survey forms.  The health history form asks for information about your current state of health and past illnesses.  The systems survey asks for information about your current symptoms. 

We need this information because we treat you as a whole individual, not just a single symptom, so we take all of your symptoms into account.  

During your first visit, we will review these forms and discuss your situation. Then we will perform any indicated examinations (such as examining your pulse and tongue, two basic diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine) to collect signs that well help us determine your pattern of imbalance.  This enables us to create a customized solution to your concerns. 

After the assessment we will discuss a treatment plan. This may include options of acupuncture, functional nutrition or herbs, or some combination.  

In some cases acupuncture is the best treatment (at least initially) and functional nutrition and herbs may be recommended to support the acupuncture.  Often combining acupuncture with functional nutrition or herbs will reduce the frequency of acupuncture treatments. 

In other cases functional nutrition and herbs provide the best treatments and acupuncture is optional.  

Acupuncture Treatment

We choose acupuncture points specifically for your condition.  Generally a treatment involves 10-20 needles.  After insertion of the needles, we leave them in place for 15-25 minutes. Many people reach deep relaxation and even fall asleep during the treatment.

Functional Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

Based on our assessment and discussion we may suggest dietary changes, nutritional supplements or herbs to improve your condition.  We will explain each recommendation and specify the correct dosages. 

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