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General Testimonials

"Incurable" Heart Condition Corrected, Drugs and Surgery Avoided, 40 Pounds Lost, and More

"I recently had an amazing experience at Barefoot Acupuncture clinic. The diagnosis I had from two different cardiologists, including one from the Mayo Clinic, was that only drugs or surgery could help with my heart problem. I had tried the drugs and at first it seemed to help right away but then there were side effects and sometimes it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and other times my heart rate started to slow into mid 40’s. My health was now worse than before taking the drugs. I can’t imagine what affect they would have had on me long term. Now the doctors said surgery would be best. I could not accept this and went to Don for help and he gave me acupuncture, herb teas and most importantly diet recommendations. The results were gradual but clear and the better I felt the more confidence I had in the diet and followed it more closely. Within 3-4 months my arrhythmia was completely gone and as a bonus I had lost 40 Lbs and was nearing a weight that I had not been at since I was 30. I eat as much as I want and the weight continues to come off. I am very grateful to Don and Tracy for all their help. Tracy helped me with some mental and emotional changes and also some needed support with the diet changes. This treatment has also cleared up many little issues I had before with acid reflux, stomach problems and headaches. Have not taken a tums, Advil or any other drug for a couple months now. I could not be happier with this new way of eating and I could never have done it without Don and Tracy’s advice and support. I highly recommend trying Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic and also sticking with it for a while as real health changes take time in my experience. Ironically if I had not gotten sick I would never have gone to Don and would never have found this amazing approach to health. Also, I know that I did most of the work myself in my healing, as opposed to the approach that my doctors had taken where they said little or nothing to me about diet or exercise, just to take the pills. It makes so much more sense that we are responsible for our own health. Thank you Don and Tracy!"

B.W., Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Don,

You have touched my life in so many ways. I cannot begin to thank you for all that you have done for me, physically and emotionally. I am proud to have been your patient, and you inspire me. Please know that I am profoundly aware of how you have affected the quality of my life."

K.K., Sun City, AZ

Acupuncture Testimonials

"I got acupuncture from Don from October through February or so because I wanted to get pregnant. I got pregnant almost immediately but had a turbulent first trimester. Both of you were so kind, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout this time, which really helped keep me sane. I absolutely looked forward to my appointment each week. Thank you for all of your advice and expertise."

Kate S.


"Don Matesz at Barefoot Acupuncture has been an amazing blessing to my health. Over the course of a 12 month span I progressively started getting increased pain in my knees.

"It became so painful that I no longer could practice yoga regularly, or even modify my practice to suit my knee pain. Even yoga postures that were meant to soothe the knees hurt like no other. My knee caps were inflamed to the point that just walking hurt.

"Don worked with me over the course of a few months, every week, with acupuncture and Chinese topical ointments. His clinic works on a sliding-scale with no proof of income required so patients can receive multiple treatments without breaking the bank.

"After a few months, the pain in my knees completely subsided. It was such a blessing. His caring and compassionate ways are truly astounding!"

Julie W., Gilbert, AZ

"I came in for shoulder pain...it worked and I also found it relaxing and helps me feel less anxious."

Karen R., Phoenix, AZ


"I had chronic pain in my middle/upper back for more than two years. I had physical therapy, massages, electrodes, & trigger point shots in my back & muscles but nothing worked so far."

"I spent over $10,000 in copayment/medicines & I was very frustrated, until last Friday a friend of mine told me to try acupuncture. I never believed that such thing will work at all. So I decided to give it a try, after a few hours of my first treatment the pain in my back was almost gone, the next day whe I woke up I felt like a teenager again. No pain at all!!! I'm very happy with the results, I feel young with a lot energy.

"Than you so much for your help."

Juan V-S, Phoenix, AZ

Diet and Nutrition Testimonials

"Just wanted to say thanks for all you taught me in nutrition classes at SWIHA. No one has ever made more of a positive influence in my life, in all aspects of health and quality of life, as you have. I truly believe the knowledge you shared saved my life."

Leslee Nichole Ridgeway, Phoenix, AZ

Weight lost and health improved

"Following Don's diet guidance, my son has lost 13 pounds, my husband has lost 10, I have lost a clothing size. My best friend not only lost 9 1/2 lbs in 11 days by cutting carbs and sugar but all of her insulin and blood levels when down to normal range. My boss just mentioned that she wants to lose 5 pounds one day and I gave her a quick idea based on what I learned. She came back 8 days later letting me know she lost 4...Before taking Don's classes, I used to take Sudafed Cold & Sinus pills like candy, sometimes 2 a day! Since I have tried cutting down on different things and experimenting with my diet I have learned that when I eat a lot of wheat or dairy I have allergies from them! I have not taken pills for two months."

Tara I., Tempe, AZ

"Don Matesz has made a strong impact on the lives of my wife, Vicki, and me. We have worked for decades on improving the quality of our lives through best practice in in diet and exercise. It was by following this direction that we came to know Don. Don signed on with our organization to introduce his findings on "How to Burn Fat."

"After this brief session my wife and I were intrigued enough to sign up for a full group of sessions on the topic.

"This experience became a watershed point for us. Since we have practiced Don's ideas with respect to diet and exercise, we have experienced a marked improvement in our already good health.

"Someday the world may discover the teachings of Don Matesz. We feel so fortunate that we didn't have to wait."

J.K., Lambertville, MI

Herbal Medicine Testimonials

Salivary Stone Dissolved, Surgery Avoided

"Don Matesz has helped me with a variety of health issues over the past 20 years.

"In December of 2009 I experienced a strange sensation in my throat while eating. When I looked in the mirror I noticed a golf ball-sized bulge on the right side of my throat just under my chin that returned whenever I ate. It took visits to an ND, my dentist, and two oral surgeons along with an x-ray and CT scan over a 4 month period to confirm what Don thought I had, a blocked salivary duct. I don't have insurance and I didn't want to endure the costs and risks associated with one and possibly two surgeries.

"Don researched the condition and possible treatments, then created a customized graunular herb formula that I could easily mix into warm water twice a day. I religiously took the formula for about 10 months, then switched to tablet formula, which I took for another 2 to 3 months. I also received several months of needle and laser acupuncture from Don.

"Within 5 months of taking the herbs and getting acupuncture, the swelling was noticeably reduced. Yesterday (March 11th, 2010), I received a stone-free diagnosis from my oral surgeon (almost 1 year to the date I first saw him, had the scans, and got the official diagnosis). He palpated my throat and in my mouth and did CT scans from several angles to check for the original salivary stones and any that might be higher up in the gland. After reviewing the film he said he didn't see any stones and that I didn't need to come back unless my symptoms of swelling and pressure returned.

"I am so relieved and grateful that Don was able to help me heal naturally and avoid surgery."

R.A., Phoenix, AZ

Abnormal Ovary Corrected, Surgery Avoided

"I went to my doctor for a regular physical and mentioned a pain persisting in my lower right abdomen when I laid on one side. I had a partial hysterectomy a couple years before because of pain and recurring endometriosis. My doctor suggested ultra sound.

"The ultra-sound revealed an abnormal ovary and fluid in the abdomen, possibly from rupture of a cyst. My doctor suggested to keep an eye on it, follow-up with more ultra-sounds, or prepare for exploratory surgery. I voted for keeping an eye on it with ultra-sound.

"I left the doctor's office and immediately went to visit Don. Don shared his insight and suggested some herbs to help. The next month I went back and had the ultra-sound. The fluid in the abdomen had reduced much more quickly than any one expected. After 3 months all is well, no pain, no abnormal growths, and best of all, no surgery."

Diane C., Toledo, OH


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