Energy Healing -- How It Works and Who Can Benefit

Do you wonder what exactly happens during "energy healing"? Although it may seem vague or even “woo woo” (i.e. lacking evidential base) to some people, the methods used in various types of “energy healing” have roots in shamanism, the universal psychospiritual healing practice of tribal people. Since all known tribal groups from all areas of the Earth practice shamanic methods, we can confidently conclude that evolution by natural selection favored humans who practiced shamanism over those who did not. This means that the effects of shamanic techniques enhance human health and survival.

Far from being groundless, a skillfully administered "energy healing" modality works on the neuroendocrine system by relaxing the hyperactive conscious mind and inducing a health-enhancing altered state of consciousness—primarily quieting the mind. The innate intelligence of the body heals itself providing nothing interferes with its natural process for self correction. Toxins and inappropriate diet disrupt our physiology, but our conscious mind’s hyperactivity, resistance to our life experiences, and suppression of our emotions can obstruct the flow of neural energy, creating a lack of ease we perceive as "stress."

By relaxing the conscious mind, these therapies encourage the nervous system to enter a parasympathetic state, in which the body can safely and spontaneously heal. Reduction of repetitive mental activity removes the stimulus for dysfunctional neural activity, and allows the body an opportunity to spontaneously improve neural patterns. We can call it a sort of "shut down and re-booting" of your organic computer, the central nervous system. Like a vacation, re-booting can initiate improvements in the immune and endocrine systems, improving the function of every cell, making possible healthy transformational shifts in every aspect of a person’s life. People often experience the results as an improvement in the level and quality of energy, mood, and inspiration to improve the overall quality of life.

Many therapists claim to offer "energy healing," including practitioners of Reiki, The Re-Connection, Healing Touch, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral, and Polarity. To find the practitioner that will serve you best, trust your inner guidance. A higher cost, credential, or trademark does not in and of itself identify a quality therapist. Sometimes less tangible qualities such as purity of intent, self-development, and a high degree of sensitivity and unwavering faith of the power to heal inherent within each individual make the difference.

While energy healing can be enjoyable for everyone, a highly sensitive person (HSP) will find these therapies especially helpful as part of a regular self-care regime. HSP’s have very active nervous systems that leads to feeling frazzled and easily over-whelmed. To cope, many withdraw. Their keen awareness of subtleties in their environment make them ideal candidates for energy healing, especially with the right therapist who understands the unique challenges and gifts of high sensitivity. A highly sensitive therapist can help empower clients to feel more confident, balanced and safe improving their health and quality of life. The freedom to express one’s gifts authentically is the ultimate sign of healing, and beneficial for us all.

Tracy Minton practices Reiki, Hypnotherapy and holistic emotional C.O.R.E. Counseling. She offers help and resources for highly sensitive people at her website, by phone and in person. For more information please call 480-323-5272.

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