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What To Expect

What to expect at your first appointment.

For all conditions, please download, fill and bring our health history form with you to your first appointment OR come to your appointment about 15 minutes early. 

If you are coming for a chronic condition, also download, fill and bring our systems survey OR come to your appointment about 25 minutes early.

Please have something to eat and before your acupuncture appointments. 

Allow 60-75 minutes for your first acupuncture appointment, 30-45 minutes for follow-up treatments.


Check our menu for costs of treatments.

Payment is requested at the time of your visit.  We accept credit cards, cash and checks.


We process payments for flexible spending accounts and health care savings accounts. However, we do not belong to any insurance provider networks (PPO or HMO) or process insurance at this time.  Doing so would increase our cost and force us to raise our rates.

Upon request we can provide detailed and itemized receipts including insurance codes that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please first contact your insurance carrier to find out what kind of coverage they offer for acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapies. 

How does it feel?

Many people worry that acupuncture will feel like a blood draw or hypodermic injection.  It doesn't! Acupuncture needles are hair thin. You will barely feel the insertion; at most it feels about as uncomfortable as pulling a hair. After needles are insertion you will only feel heat or pressure, if anything at all.

Most people find acupuncture very relaxing. After a few treatments, most people get deeply relaxed and many fall asleep, which is why we say we provide the best nap in town.

Acupuncture produces deep relaxation of both body and mind.

When you deeply relax, the blood flows freely and healing takes place.

How many treatments?

As with exercise, the benefits of acupuncture accumulate with each session, so you generally need more than one treatment. The number of sessions you will need varies from condition to condition and individual to individual.  For example, you would need more treatments for a chronic condition than an acute condition. To learn more, click here

We highly recommend stress-relief, preventive and wellness treatments on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 

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