The Acupuncture Specialist ~
How To Choose Your Acupuncturist

Have you wondered what makes an acupuncture specialist different from a chiropractic acupuncturist or medical acupuncturist?

All of the acupuncturists practicing at our clinic are fully trained in traditional Chinese medicine, the medicine that Chinese doctors have practiced for thousands of years, and are Arizona state licensed acupuncturists.

A licensed acupuncturist has more acupuncture training than most chiropractic doctors (D.C.s), medical doctors (M.D.s), or naturopathic doctors (N.M.D.s) who practice acupuncture.  Chiropractic doctors and medical doctors can get certified to practice "medical" acupuncture with as little as 200 hours of training. Naturopathic doctors (N.M.D.s) receive some training in acupuncture in the course of their naturopathic medical training, but it also amounts to only a few hundred hours.

In contrast, licensed acupuncturists (L.Ac.) must complete more than 3000 hours of rigorous training and internship at a specialized college of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.  A licensed acupuncturist has more than 15 times as much time invested in basic acupuncture education and training than a medical acupuncturist, whether M.D., D.C., or N.M.D..  

A fully qualified acupuncture specialist has passed the rigorous national board exams in acupuncture administered by the National Certifying Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  This entire process gives the licensed acupuncturist a much deeper understanding of the principles and practice of acupuncture and the premier acupuncture health care provider.  Relatively few M.D.s, D.C.s, or N.M.D.s have the NCCAOM certification that ensures that the individual has the minimum standard of education and knowledge necessary to practice acupuncture safely and effectively.

Some acupuncturists also complete rigorous training in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, just like Chinese doctors in China, whereas medical acupuncturists do not have this training.  Acupuncturists who have completed training in herbal medicine qualify to take the Herbal Medicine Certification and Oriental Medicine Certifications administered by the National Certifying Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). These acupuncturists have the knowledge and skill necessary to properly prescribe herbal medicine for a wide variety of ailments.

When seeking an acupuncturist, always look for a state-licensed acupuncturist who holds an NCCAOM certification.  All of the acupuncturists who practice at our clinic have these qualifications.  Why settle for less?

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