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Consciously Creating Health

Rather than consciously creating health, many people go about life feeling at the effect of numerous and often overwhelming, seemingly "outside" forces.  When illness strikes, you might wonder "why me?"  Our culture trains us to believe that we do not have power to protect ourselves from diseases that appear to invade at random from rogue genes or micro-organisms.

In fact we have several approaches at our disposal for creating health.  Let's take a look.

A Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet

Since every cell and molecule in our bodies comes from the food and fluids we ingest,  to maintain or improve health we need to consume good quality food and fluids.  Basically, if you put garbage in, you will get garbage out.  Most so-called “genetic” diseases are actually the result of malnutrition, either lack of adequate nutrients, or presence of various toxins either naturally occurring or added to foods. Your body needs nutrients from whole foods, primarily fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.   A whole foods diet will lay the foundation for long life and vitality.

Healthy Relationships

We thrive when we have healthy, respectful relationships built on quality communication.  We all have the power to cultivate such relationships as a powerful force for health.

Creating Health - Physical Activity

We thrive when we regularly engage in physical activity that maintains physical strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Illness or dis-ease can arise from an incorrect, limited knowledge of oneself.  Although our culture teaches us that we exist separately from all nature/reality, as finite and relatively impotent individuals, in reality, in your essential nature, which consists of pure awareness, you are infinite, abundant, and eternal.  Biologically speaking, as an organism, you exist interdependently with all other organisms, and thus are not as separate as some would think.   When we see how interconnected we are with all things, and grasp how vast we are as spiritual beings of pure awareness,  the faulty concepts of ourselves as flawed and unworthy lose their powers over our minds, and we start to experience more gratitude, joy and love, with promotes health. 

Alignment of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Misalignment of your body, mind, and spirit can produce dis-ease in the body.   For example, if you feel unhappy with the work you do for a living, this wears down your spirit.  As you lose spiritual power, your immune system weakens, and you contract repeated respiratory infections.  Various remedies may help you overcome each infection, but until you resolve the disharmony between your spirit and your livelihood, you will continue to express the disharmony in your physical susceptibility to infection.  The cure in this case would lie in finding a way to make a living that feeds your spirit rather than draining it.

Life-Supporting Imagination

dis-ease and physical ailments.  Some of these you accepted from the culture as a child, when you had no choice; others you developed as results of insults, traumas, and events that occur in childhood when you have immature responses. 

These negative thoughts and ideas -- many of them virtually unconscious until you seek them out -- generate emotions which generate release of very powerful chemicals in your body, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These in turn affect all the systems of your body.  When out of balance, these hormones can initiate or cause physical disease.

When creating health you take the same path but in the opposite direction, following principles used for hundreds of thousands of years by native healers known as shamans, and later incorporated into various spiritual paths.   By adopting various practices that can induce altered states of consciousness - such as affirmations, prayers of gratitude, visualizations, drumming, dance, laughter, sweating, and meditation - you can stimulate the release of chemicals that have profound healing and rejuvenating effects for the body.

If you simultaneously start to dismantle all the negative conditioning you received from the culture surrounding you and also start transforming your life so that it becomes a Path With Heart, getting rid of activities, relationships, and things that bog you down and steal your innate power, you will experience true healing from within, while you may also use acupuncture, herbal medicines, and nutrition to integrate and support the inner healing journey and realize its fruits in physical health. 

Health After Hypnosis

Tracy can help guide you to greater spiritual understanding of your disease and creating health from the inside out, top down.  She offers a variety of services that can help you release toxic beliefs and other psychic gunk that prevents you from realizing your true nature and experiencing high energy, joy, and health.  You may wish to visit her website,  Health After Hypnosis, to learn more about how you can help your self.

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