Hypertension (high blood pressure) occurs only in civilized populations, rarely or not at all in "primitive" hunter-gatherer or low-salt consuming agricultural populations.

This disorder reflects both emotional stress and an imbalance of dietary fats, sodium and potassium.

Acupuncture can reduce blood pressure by route of reducing sympathetic nervous system activity arising from mental stress and tension. You can assist this process by incorporating daily practice of quietude in the form of meditation.

Herbal medicines can also reduce blood pressure.

A diet containing too little magnesium and potassium while simultaneously rich in sodium from salt supports elevated blood pressure. An ideal diet will supply at least 4 times as much potassium as sodium, but the typical U.S. diet contains more sodium than potassium.

To increase potassium and magnesium, increase your intake of legumes, vegetables and fruits.

A diet containing large amounts of saturated fats and oils triggers blood clotting mechanisms which increase the viscosity of the blood, raising the blood pressure.

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