Steps To Sustainable Health

Are you ready to take steps to sustainable health?

Sustainable health doesn’t come from a pill or the poke of a needle. Vibrant health is experienced by those who consistently make choices that sustain their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We are the sum of all our previous choices. Yet our body has amazing regenerative powers, allowing us the opportunity to continuously reinvent ourselves.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current levels of energy, fitness, health and happiness, consider looking at what areas of your life seem most out of balance. Then start creating environments that will enhance your ability to be all that you dare dream possible.

Health care professionals, whether allopathic or alternative, can only act as guides, helping facilitate positive changes as effectively as possible. If you look for quick fixes you will miss the very elements of your journey that hold the keys to your happiness. Symptoms, stresses, imbalances and any area of our lives that we are dissatisfied with serve only as neutral messengers.

Your job is to pay attention. Your Spirit guides you, if you will listen, to the path of least effort and greatest joy. It is inherent in your nature to be powerful, healthy and happy. But to look only for immediate and quick relief from a symptom will not bring lasting results, healing or satisfaction. The more you commit to your journey, and honor yourself by taking care of your body, and maintaining positive mental states, the greater your reward.

If there is a panacea, it lies in discovering our true gifts and spending as many of our precious moments doing what we love. Living authentically, and remembering our true lead us beyond the need to heal, into creative, fulfilling lives lived with purpose.

Tracy Minton, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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