Longevity and Antiaging Medicine: A Chinese Medicine Specialty

While antiaging and longevity therapies have only recently become a focus of conventional medicine, Chinese medicine has focused on cultivating longevity for millenia, and the lives of Chinese physicians give us evidence that Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicine, and macrobiotic dietary practices can very effectively foster a healthy life span.

According to the book "Outstanding Chinese Physicians in the Past and their Medical Theories" published by Peking College of Chinese Medicine in 1964, the 37 most outstanding Chinese physicians between 581 CE and 1964 CE had an average lifespan of 80.56 years.

In comparison, the outstanding European and American physicians of the 19th century had an average lifespan of 70.93 years, and the healthy life expectancy of the average American today is only 69.3 years.

Some famous Chinese doctors lived even longer lives. Sun Su Mao (Ssu-Mo) lived 101 years (581-682). He once said "Anyone over 40 years old should try to avoid laxatives, which will weaken his body, and begin to take tonics. Anyone over 50 years old should take tonics all year round; such are the secrets of nourishing life to enjoy longevity."

Meng Shen lived 92 years (621-713). He once said "A person who really knows how to nourish the body should always keep good foods and herbs handy."

Another famous Chinese physician, Luo Ming Shan (1869-1982) lived 113 years.

So, in addition to pain relief, Chinese medicine offers you time tested methods for improving your health, immunity, energy, and strength, and extending your healthy life span.

Consequently, at our clinic we offer 3 levels of health care.

The lowest level consists of pain and symptom relief. You can get this result in anything from 1 to 20 treatments, depending on the condition. However, if you stop treatment as soon as you have pain relief, the problem will very likely return.

In the middle level of medicine we work on establishing a physiological balance that will prevent the recurrent pain and symptoms from returning. This can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months of treatment with acupuncture, herbs, and/or nutrition.

The highest level of medicine aims at fortifying your immunity, increasing your vitality, generating extraordinary health, preventing future disease, and promoting longevity. It involves evolving a natural health care lifestyle for you, including nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, and exercise, with goals of improving body composition and maximizing immune function and vitality. This plan will require 6 to 12 months of treatment and consultations, plus ongoing maintenance.

People often wonder why natural health care involves maintenance treatments, yet they know that regular maintenance on their vehicles will extend the life of them. Maintenance is essential for prevention of problems and extension of life.

Why do you need to eat every day? To maintain health. Why do you shower regularly? To maintain health. Why do you need to exercise regularly? To maintain health. Stop maintaining and you will decline.

With conventional disease care, which centers on poison drugs and surgery, you can only use these things to treat disease; over the long term, they actually undermine your health.

In contrast, the more you invest in appropriate acupuncture, herbs, fitness training, stress reduction, meditation, breathing exercise (qi gong), and nutrition, the greater the return in terms of vitality and immunity.

While acupuncture and natural medicine offer effective immediate relief of pain, infections, and other unpleasant symptoms that demand your immediate attention, the unique heart and strength of Chinese medicine lies in its antiaging ability to prevent disease, fortify immunity, increase vitality, generate a superlative state of health, and promote longevity.

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