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Healing Psoriasis

With Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Psoriasis can be dramatically improved and even cured with herbal medicine and functional nutrition.

Psoriasis Is A Liver and Bowel Disease

Physicians and patients alike generally regard psoriasis as a skin disease.  However, clinical and experimental research suggest it psoriasis is a result of liver malfunction and bowel dysbiosis. 

This 2018 report (above) published in Clinics in Dermatology reviewed research indicating that psoriasis patients typically have several common functional digestive system disorders, including:

  • poor bile flow
  • bacterial endotoxin in circulation
  • small intestine bacterial overgrowth 79% of cases
  • Strep pyogenes infection
  • H. pylori or B. hominis infections in cases with pronounced itching
  •  liver malfunction or damage
  • elevated levels of phosphoryl kinase in skin lesions

Natural Psoriasis Treatment

Based on research and his own clinical experience, the author of the paper, Dr. Ely, developed a treatment plan for psoriasis, as shown in this flow chart from the paper: 

Diet for Psoriasis

I don't fully agree with Dr. Ely's prescription of a low fat diet, based on my own experience.  I have dealt with psoriasis for more than 40 years and tried both low-fat plant-based and low-carbohydrate animal-based diets for treatment.  By far I have gotten the best results by restricting acellular carbohydrates.  

Ely suggests that a low-fat diet will reduce small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) but a low-fat diet is high in acellular carbohydrates and fibers, which are the main foods for intestinal bacterias.  Diets high in fermentable carbohydrates may increase intestinal bacteria growth, and those bacteria release the gasses that produce bloating and flatulence.  Beans, peas and lentils are particularly well-known for this effect but some vegetables (particularly cabbage family), grains (especially whole grains), breads, pastas, potatoes, seeds and nuts can also contribute.

In contrast, restricting intake of fermentable acellular carbohydrates including fibers – by restricting grains, beans, certain vegetables, nuts and seeds – restricts intestinal bacteria growth and gets rid of bloating and flatulence.  The result can be less gut inflammation, which results in less absorption of bacterial endotoxin and less systemic and skin inflammation. 

These photo show how the psoriasis lesions in my ears improved in 18 months by eating a whole foods animal-based hypercarnivore diet, rich in meat, milk products and eggs:

The upper left photo was taken after 5 years on a low-fat whole foods plant-based vegan diet.  The dramatic improvement I saw eating a whole-foods animal-based diet led me to write my book The Hypercarnivore Diet, which you can get on Amazon.  

Although as shown I got dramatic improvements in my skin by diet alone, diet alone did not cure all my psoriasis lesions.  I found additional benefit by following Dr. Ely's suggested supplement protocol, and reducing total and saturated fat intake while increasing more easily digested fruits, and including some orange juice and grapes or grape juice with my hypercarnivore meals.  

Bile Acid For Psoriasis

Chinese medicine has for hundreds of years used bile acids to treat liver disorders.  

Bile acid therapy is a cornerstone of Dr. Ely's psoriasis treatment protocol, based on research proving its effectiveness.  

Bile acids clear the intestine of bacterial endotoxin so that the endotoxin can't get into the blood and skin.  Here are some photos of patients under Dr. Ely's care before and after taking 500 mg ox bile extract with meals for a month:

It is important to reduce total and saturated fat intake (by eating lean meats and reduced fat dairy products) because experiments show that a high fat, high saturated fat diet promotes inflammation that occurs in psoriasis skin

In this article Dr. Ely mentions having had success with the Allergy Research 500 mg ox bile supplement.  I have used this myself and confirmed his report that the only side effect is diarrhea, which will pass as you adapt. 

To improve endogenous  bile formation and flow, I also take cholegogue and liver supporting herbs.  I prefer artichoke extract and oregon grape root.  

Artichoke extract was part of the program that helped me achieve the improvement in the psoriasis lesions in my ears, depicted in the photo above. 

Milk thistle extract rich in silymarin (to left) supports liver regeneration.  You can take milk thistle (150 mg per meal). 

Dr. Ely also has his patients take S. boulardii (to left) because it can kill H. pylori and B. hominis bacteria that can cause itching.  I recommend the NOW or Jarrow brands. 

Curcumin suppresses phosphoryl kinase expression in psoriatic skin.  The Meriva™ brand (to left) is best because most easily absorbed.  Avoid any products containing black pepper extract because this increases intestinal permeability and endotoxin absorption, which you need to prevent. Dose is one capsule per meal.

Fruit Bioflavonoids for Psoriasis

Dr. Ely has his patients take 500 mg of quercetin (to left) with each meal because it blocks endotoxin absorption. 

I personally prefer to consume orange juice, grapes, or grape juice with my meals instead. Research shows that the bioflavonoids provided by these fruits block endotoxin absorption.1, 2, 3, 4 Orange juice richly provides the citrus bioflavonoid hesperidin, which inhibits the skin cell proliferation of psoriasis.5  In addition these fruits provide valuable nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and not least fructose, which helps to excrete excess phosphorus,6 which is over-concentrated in psoriasis skin.7, 8

Vitamin D For Psoriasis

I also recommend using vitamins D and K2 for psoriasis.  Research shows that psoriasis patients typically have insufficient levels of vitamin D and raising skin vitamin D levels can markedly reduce the severity of psoriasis. Vitamins D and K2 work synergistically to regulate calcium metabolism, specifically intracellular calcium levels.  Psoriasis patients suffer from calcium deficiency and intracellular calcium deficiency causes skin to malfunction as found in psoriasis.

I use the NOW brand vitamin D, 2000 IU capsules.  I suggest you get your vitamin D level tested by Grassroots Health and follow their protocol to get your vitamin D level up to at least 60 ng.  A level of 70-100 ng may be necessary for best results.  I take a minimum of 4000 IU daily. 

Vitamins D and K2 work synergistically to regulate calcium metabolism so I recommend taking 100 mcg of vitamin K2 daily.  I use the NOW brand vitamin K2.

These photos show how the skin of my left ear has improved since I shifted to eating the Meats & Sweets High Vitality Diet (about 60-70% animal based plus fruits) while incorporating the supplements detailed above:


In summary, the natural psoriasis treatment plan is:

1. An animal-based, low fat (maximum 30% fat), meats & sweets diet.

2. Ox bile, 500 mg per meal.

3. Artichoke extract, 450 mg per meal.

4. Milk thistle extract (silymarin), 150 mg per meal.

5. S. boulardii, 1 capsule 1-2 times daily.

6. Meriva™ curcumin, 500 mg at each meal.

7. Orange juice, grapes, grape juice, or quercetin 500 mg at each meal.

8.  Vitamin D intake of at least 4000 IU per day or sufficient to raise blood D levels to at least 60 ng.

9.  Vitamin K2, 100 mcg daily. 


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