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Functional Nutrition 

Functional nutrition therapy has been central to Chinese medical practice since at least the 21st century B.C.. Nutrition therapy consists of providing your body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself, using high quality, nutrient-dense whole foods and whole-foods based supplements when/if necessary.

The body is designed/adapted to obtaining nutrients from complex whole foods.  These are the basis of functional nutrition therapy.  

Chinese (Taoist) medicine recommends that your daily diet include grains (preferable whole grains), beans, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits for prevention and treatment of disease and maintenance of health.  Animal products are used in small amounts therapeutically, for cases of extreme deficiency.

As a general rule, we recommend that whole grains and starchy vegetables provide the base and main fuel of a health-promoting diet, while non-starchy vegetables, fruits and animal products provide critical micronutrients.  

Why Functional Nutrition Supplements

If you have a structural or functional disorder, it generally means your body has lacked sufficient nutrition for healing for a long time. You can heal with a nutrient-dense diet alone, but the process will go faster if you provide additional supplements of whole food origin. 

Many if not most people need to use some form of nutritional supplement these days.  Studies show that the nutritional content of common foods has declined since the 1940s. Conventional farming has used synthetic fertilizers and mono-cropping, which can strip the soil of nutrients, resulting in less nutrient-dense foods. Urban life, stress, pollution and toxins also increase our nutritional requirements. On top of this, few people eat traditional nutrient-dense foods like organ meats, egg yolks and dairy products in sufficient amounts on a daily or regular basis.  

Whole Food Supplementation

As mentioned, the body is designed/adapted to obtain nutrients from whole foods, not isolated chemicals found in most supplements. The latter can add to the toxic load and create imbalances.

Concentrated whole foods supplements supply the body with vitamins, minerals, and accessory compounds in forms created by Nature.

Functional Nutrition Evaluations

We provide our patients with individualized food and supplement recommendations based on clinical evaluation of your signs and symptoms with physical examination and the systems survey

We can also evaluate blood test results when additional clarification is needed.  We are trained to evaluate such tests, but don't order blood tests ourselves. You can bring us tests that you have had ordered by other providers.

Nutritional Consultations & Macrobiotic Counseling Services, by Phone

For more information, assistance with nutritional or herbal therapy, health coaching and/or dietary consultations, including Macrobiotic Counseling, contact Don or Tracy at: 602-954-8016.

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