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Scottsdale Acupuncture
Appointments, Forms, and Fees


Please call 602-954-8016 to set your appointment at our Scottsdale acupuncture clinic.  


Right-click here to download the Barefoot Health History Forms PDF file.

Please do not e-mail your filled forms to us.  Bring a copy with you to your first appointment at our Scottsdale acupuncture office.

Please read below to familiarize yourself with the cost of services at our office.


Our affordable fees will enable you to get acupuncture, custom herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, nutrition guidance, C.O.R.E. counseling, and a wealth of insight and information accumulated over the course of 30 years working in natural health care.

We do not accept insurance plans because the cost of processing insurance claims would dramatically increase the cost of services at our clinic.

Acupuncture Fees - New Patients

Your first visit includes a private consultation with examination and evaluation of your health condition, a 50 minute acupuncture treatment appropriate for your condition, and, if appropriate, a prepared herbal medicine recommendation and medicinal food recommendations appropriate for your condition (cost of herbs not included).


Acupuncture - Follow Up Treatments

Standard (50 minute) acupuncture: $55

Fifty-minute treatments are for deeper relaxation, more complicated cases, and individuals who get acupuncture once weekly or less frequently, for seasonal adjustments and general health maintenance.

Brief (30 minute) acupuncture:  $40

Frequent thirty-minute treatments (two or three times weekly) are proven in clinical research to be most effective for improvement of conditions that can be treated by acupunctureThey are standard practice for acupuncture in Chinese acupuncture hospitals and they save you time and money.

Discounts available for cash payment .

Custom Herbal Consultation

For people who only want custom herbal medicine / tea.  Your first visit includes an examination and evaluation of your health condition, custom herbal medicine prescription, and food therapy recommendations appropriate for your condition.  Herbal medicine itself is an additional $10-30 per week supply depending on formula.

First visit:  $40 consultation + herbs.

Refills:  $10

Diet and Nutrition Consultation

Learn how to adjust your food selection to address your health concern.  This visit will not include acupuncture.

Full hour:  $70


Guasha (for each 15 minutes): $20 (minimum)

Hypnotherapy, C.O.R.E. Counseling &/or Past/Future Regression Therapy Sessions

First session (90 minutes): $90

Follow-up session:  $75

Really committed to making some lasting, positive changes?

Discounts available for package deals of 3 or more sessions.

Reiki Therapy

Half-hour: $45

Full-hour:  $75

Discounts available for cash payment, combination and multiple sessions.

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